Creating My Brand

I’ve been involved with Social Media since 2008 and learning all the way. I first started using social media for a business I owned in Canada, Mississauga Kids. Later I developed a social media presence for a charity I helped found called The Mississauga Furniture Bank. When I sold my successful business, retired from my position on the board of the furniture bank and repatriated to the United States I just could not stop being social!

I was entirely unfamiliar with the Delaware area. So I started a Facebook page and called it “Our Newark Delaware” to like and save all the businesses and organizations in which I was interested. I also started an Our Newark Delaware Twitter account. I used the accounts to keep track of what was happening in and around the Newark Delaware area while I was house hunting from my home in Ontario, Canada. One of the first people I connected with was Lois Hoffman from the local juggling duo The Juggling Hoffmans. We connected on Twitter, and she invited me to join her one Sunday at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark. I’m now a member and yes I do help manage their Facebook page!

While I’ve enjoyed what I’ve done so far, all of the projects have one thing in common. They are very local brands. If I move on I necessarily lose my brand identity. That is what happened when I moved to Delaware. I was known as the “Mississauga Kids” lady to many people in the Greater Toronto Area, but after selling my business and moving to Delaware that identity was taken over by the new owner of Mississauga Kids.  Now since Our Newark Delaware has become so popular, I’m known as the “Our Newark” lady.  I’m essentially losing my “Klout” whenever I relocate geographically.

Historically I’ve had two facebook pages. When I started on facebook the privacy settings were not as developed. It was important for me to keep my occasionally bawdy and political persona separate from my kid and family focused business. I’m currently working to merge the two. It will be a work in progress for a while.

I need to build a personal brand identity that represents me. I want it to be separate from my businesses, yet at times relevant to one or all of them. I do want it to reflect my concepts on what social media should be. I think social media is a place to make personal connections with other human beings. I believe it should primarily focus on positive interactions which provide value to the people and brands that are interacting.



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