The Cranberries are Always Sweeter on the Other Side of the Border.

Wishing all my Canadian friends a very Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.

When I lived in Canada, I missed American Thanksgiving. Now I’m back in the US, and I miss Canadian Thanksgiving.

Today I’m missing Ellie pacing around the kitchen excited because I’m packing up the cooler. I’m missing the harried trip North in traffic. I’m missing the smell of the pine. I’m missing the ping of the woodstove warming.

This weekend I’ll be missing closing the cottage, trailering the boat for the winter, pulling in docks, wine on the deck overlooking the beautiful lake, saying goodbye to summer friends.

On Monday I’ll be missing my annual pumpkin donut with a cuppa pumpkin spice tea from Tim’s as I drive South on the 400… peaking in windows when I can to spy on families enjoying their feast.

I’m thinking of you all this Canadian Thanksgiving. Missing you!

#Canada #Thanksgiving #CanadianThanksgiving #ThanksgivingInCanada

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